Text insertions

Text appears in many places in Charter: it is displayed as part of panels like the text panel, button panel, etc. It can be sent as part of a message or spoken aloud as part of a phone call.

In all places where text is shown to a participant, certain values can be inserted that take on dynamic contents based on the state of the trip and participants. These all are enclosed by double curly braces, as in {{special_value}}, and are documented below.

Trip insertions

  • {{date}}: Trip date
  • {{schedule.<time_name>}}: The clock time corresponding to a Time in your script, in the timezone of your Experience. For instance, if you have a Time with the title "Player's Arrival", and that time is scheduled for 3:00pm in a Variant, then "{{schedule.players_arrival}}" will appear as "3:00pm" in the player's interface.
  • {{<customization_name>}}: The value of a customization set in Customization Defaults of a Variant.
  • {{<variable_name>}}: The value of a variable set by the Set Variable action, or set in Variable Defaults of a Variant.

Player insertions

You can include some insertions for the current player.

  • {{player.link}}: A URL that the player can go to to see their current page.
  • {{player.email}}: The email of the current player.
  • {{player.headline}}: The headline of the player's current page.
  • {{player.phone_number}}: The player's phone number.

Role insertions

You can insert some insertions referencing any role in your project.

  • {{<role_slug>.link}} A link to see the current interface of the desired role.
  • {{<role_slug>.join_link}} A custom link that will let new participants join the current run of your project, as the desired role.

You reference the role with a 'slugified' version of your role title. This is the role's title, lower-case, with all spaces turned into underscores. All non-alphanumeric characters are omitted. For instance, Player becomes player, and Fred's Fancy Furniture becomes freds_fancy_furniture.

Event insertions

When actions are triggered by events, you can access some insertions unique to those events.