Resources are the primary objects in your script.


A fires when a defined event occurs. Once fired, it will apply a set of actions, which change the trip state.


Call clip

A snippet of audio that can be played as part of phone calls.

SceneSceneThe scene at which this clip will be played.
TranscriptTextThe text transcript used to generate audio via speech-to-text. Only required if there is not a media path.
Voicealice, man or womanThe voice used to generate audio via speech-to-text. Only required if there is not a media path.
AudioMediaThe audio clip to play.
Answer expectedBooleanIs an answer expected for this clip?
Answer hints[Text]List of suggestions for decoding the voice of the answer.


A signal that can be fired by button presses or other game actions. In and of itself, a cue does nothing, but most commonly it will be used to fire triggers that launch other game actions.

SceneSceneThe scene during which this cue may be signaled. If this scene is not active, the cue will not be signaled.

Email account

An email account that you have access to. (This requires some custom setup.)

RoleRoleRole this account belongs to.
Addresscharter@firstperson.travelEmail address to send from. Currently must be
  • The From field of the Send email action is a Email account.


A circular region around a waypoint. It can be used to trigger events when players enter or leave a region, or when messages are sent from within that region.

CenterPlaceCenter of the geofence.
DistanceNumberDistance in meters around the center that is counted as within the geofence.


A combination of panels that create a user interface for a tablet, phone, or device.

EntrywayBooleanIf set to true, new participants can enter your experience via a webform into this interface.
TabsListA list of tabs. If there is only one tab visible, the tabs bar will not be displayed.
Tabs โ†’ TitleTextThe title of this tab.
Tabs โ†’ Visible ifConditionAn optional test to determine if the tab is visible or not.
Tabs โ†’ Panels[Panel]List of user interface panels.
Background colorColorColor to use for the background of your interface.
Header colorColorColor to use for the navigation elements of your interface: the header and tabs.
Active colorColorColor to use for active areas like the selected tab.
Primary colorColorColor to use for primary actions like buttons.
Font familyArvo, BioRhyme, Courier Prime, Crimson, Inconsolata, Inter, Lora, Montserrat, Playfair, Raleway, Roboto, Source Sans or Work SansThe font family to use for text in your interface.
Custom cssTextSupply any custom styles to be inserted into your interface.


A time at which things happen over the trip. The specific schedule is determined by a variant.


A user interface that can be displayed to a player when the corresponding scene and state is active.

SceneSceneThe scene during which this page is active. If this scene is not the current scene, the page may still be displayed, but no user action may be taken.
InterfaceInterfaceThe interface that this page is a part of.
HeadlineTextA high-level directive for the player, that will be displayed in large font at the top of the interface.
Panels[Panel]List of user interface panels.

Phone line

A phone number by which one player can contact another via text or phone calls.

ForRoleThe role who will be sending or receiving messages through this phone line.
CounterpartRoleThe role that is being messaged with.
ImpersonatingRoleIn cases where you want a participant to impersonate a different role, this is the role that is being impersonated. Otherwise this can be left blank.
EntrywayBooleanIf this value is true, the phone line will be assigned a universal number. New players can text this number to start a new trip.


A place used by the trip. Each place can have multiple locations that can be set for each trip. For instance, a "lunch" place can have two locations, each a different restaurant.

LocationsListA list of locations that this place could refer to.
Locations โ†’ LocationLocationThe address of the location.


A participant in the experience. This participant can be a player, an actor, or a scripted automaton.

Max usersIntegerThe maximum number of users who may be a part of this trip as this role. This can be used to support groups of more than one player and device, all sharing the same trip state.
Role variable names[Variable name](Advanced) Indicates a list of special variables that can be supplied for each user account that may play this role. This could be used to specify a custom image for each actor, or custom text associated with a certain role.


A path between one waypoint and another, including walking/driving directions. If one of the waypoints has multiple options, then multiple paths will be fetched.

FromPlaceThe starting waypoint.
ToPlaceThe ending waypoint
Methoddriving, walking or cyclingThe method of transit for directions.
Waypoints[Coords]An optional list of coordinates through through which the route must pass.


A temporal unit of experience. Usually only one scene is active at a time.

Always activeBooleanEnable if this scene is always active. Otherwise, the triggers in this scene will only fire if it is the current scene of the trip.


A page that can be displayed in a list inside a Content Browse page.

InterfaceInterfaceThe parent interface in which this subpage is displayed.
SectionTextA string indicating which a grouping for this subpage. The the "Browse Subpages" panel will show all visible subpages grouped by section.
Visible ifConditionAn optional test to determine if the panel is visible or not.
Panels[Panel]Content of the subpage.


A variation in trip values, including timing, values, and waypoint options.

DefaultBooleanIf default is set to true, all new trips will have these defaults set.
Variant groupTextYou can group variants if you want to allow only one of a set to be selected. For instance, if you have a basic and deluxe variant, give both variants a group name of "package", and only one can be selected at a time.
Variable defaultsVariable name to Value
Customization defaultsVariable name to Value
Moment scheduleMoment to Time